Since 1994 presents the life of her immigrant parents, Chuong and Hang. It revolves around their home and work life in order to critique issues of socioeconomic class as well as traditional gender roles of society. They left Vietnam with little to no education and had to immediately assimilate into American culture with their first-born child. Due to these circumstances, they have been part of the working class – my father as a Vietnamese restaurant cook and my mother as an at-home seamstress. 
This series captures the life they have lived since being in the United States in 1994. It takes into consideration how they take role in performing their traditional gendered expectations. It presents the faces of Southeast Asians who aren’t represented within mainstream media. Ultimately breaking down the typical stereotypes about Asians as wealthy and well off, and rather focuses on the reality of the working class.
Since 1994 was exhibited in a group show called K/not, at UCSD' Visual Arts Facility.